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Father Lacombe Chapel

School Programs

School Programs are available at Father Lacombe Chapel beginning May 15.

Programs at Father Lacombe Chapel are coordinated through the Musée Héritage Museum in St. Albert.

View the online program guide and to register for a program.

You can also email your registration request to or fax 780-460-9537.

Living Long Ago

Grade 1-3

Visit the Chapel, built in 1861, and learn what it was like to live in this part of Alberta more than 150 years ago! Storytelling, bannock tasting, crafting and discovering what a beaver’s fur actually feels like are all elements of this program as we introduce younger children to the people and places significant to this historic site.

Curriculum Links: Community, individual contributions to community, changes over time.

A Community in the Past

Grade 2

Stepping into the Father Lacombe Chapel is like stepping back in time. Will students be able to spot what's modern and what's old? Along with learning how a building could be built without nails, students can taste bannock, participate in an interactive story and learn how to make a simple sash.

Curriculum Links: Dynamic and changing communities, community contributors, indigenous peoples

The Fur Trade Game

Grade 4-7

Fur trading is an important part of Canadian history, but not everyone lived in a fort! Communities, like the Mission of St Albert, provided a place for families to live and support the fur trade by supplying food, furs and horses. At the chapel children discover what the fur trade was all about through an interactive role playing game where they earn beaver pelts to trade at the local trading post for items that will help ensure they survive an 1800s Alberta winter.

Curriculum Links: Fur trade, Stories about Alberta, indigenous peoples

Mission Hill Tours

Grade 5 - 12

Mission Hill in St. Albert is an ideal place to come and learn about the early history of Alberta. An interpreter will guide you and your students around the provincial historic site and reinforce learning with stories, objects, pictures, activities and discussions about the Father Lacombe Chapel, Mission Hill and the area we now call St. Albert.
Tours can be booked to include additional heritage sites including Founder’s Walk, the Little White School, the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park and downtown St. Albert.

Curriculum Links: Historical perspective, oral history, history of indigenous people, people and their stories, land and communities, early Alberta

Last reviewed/revised: March 18, 2016