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Frank Slide - Canada's Deadliest Rockslide

NOTICE: Admission increase
On September 2, 2014 admission fees will increase at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. The cost of purchasing annual passes will also increase. Find out more on the Admission and Hours page.

We have stories to tell you that you will never forget!

The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre highlights the rich heritage of the Crowsnest Pass amid the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies. The Centre is open all year and visitors will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff who will share the fascinating stories of the Frank Slide through dynamic interpretive programs and presentations. State-of-the-art interactive displays and exhibits throughout the Centre focus on the infamous Frank Slide of 1903 - Canada’s deadliest rockslide.

Visitors will experience what it was like to be in the coal mining town of Frank before, during and after the great rock avalanche. Learn why Turtle Mountain fell and if another rockslide will come down. Two award-winning, audio-visual presentations are shown throughout the day in the Centre’s 70-seat, high definition theatre. "On the Edge of Destruction" is a powerful, 30-minute docudrama that recreates the remarkable night the rockslide came down. "In the Mountain's Shadow" is a visually stunning, 25-minute presentation that vibrantly presents the history of the spectacular Crowsnest Pass from immigration through coal mining to rum running. A 1.5 kilometre trail winds through the rocks of the Frank Slide, giving visitors an up-close look at the awesome power of nature.

You will never forget the amazing stories of tragedy and triumph you will hear during your visit to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre.

Arrow downWatch an aerial flyover through the Crowsnest Pass with impressive video of Turtle Mountain and the surrounding mountains and ranges. Look for the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre near the end of this 2-1/2 minute video.

New Video: Frank Slide on Alberta Primetime

The Frank Slide is considered Canada’s deadliest natural disaster. In this Hidden Gem, we take you to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, where stories are still being told more than a century later.

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View of the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre building.

Enjoy the spectacular view of Turtle Mountain from the Centre. Also, try the walking trails that take you through the slide area.

Mainstreet, Frank, Alberta, 1903.

Learn about Canada's deadliest rock slide.
Photo: Provincial Archives of Alberta, NA-414-4.

Interpreter with visitors

Exhibits and displays present the story of the tragic slide in 1903.

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