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Experience Alberta's History with Education Programs

Take your students somewhere they haven't been for a while—Alberta's past

Offer your students historic experiences from an array of education programs offered at the listed provincial historic sites, interpretive centres and museums.

Below is a list of just some of the education programs, topics and curriculum alignments our heritage facilities offer. Click on the links below to get complete details on education and school programs at each facility.

All education programs are aligned with the Alberta Education curriculum.

To book a school or education program, contact the historic site or museum directly. There is contact information on each school or education program page.

Father Lacombe Chapel Father Lacombe Chapel
St. Albert

Topics: Living Long Ago, A Community in the Past, Fur Trade Game, Mission Hill Tours

Curriculum links: community, indigenous peoples, fur trade, early Alberta

Detailed information on School Programs at Father Lacombe

Fort George and Buckingham House Fort George & Buckingham House
Elk Point

Topics: Fur Trade, Bison Hunt, Voyageur Skills, Archaeology, Trappers and Trade

Curriculum links/outcomes: history and geography of Canada, ecology, critical and creative thinking, leadership, cultural diversity, arts appreciation

Detailed information on School Programs at Fort George & Buckingham House

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre Frank Slide Interpretive Centre
Crowsnest Pass

Topics: Frank Slide Survival Kit, Hillcrest Mine, Turtle Mountain Rocks, coal mining

Curriculum links: social studies, science

Detailed information on Education Programs at Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
Fort MacLeod

Topics: Interpretive Centre Tours, Tipi-making, Living off the Land, Stones and Bones, Hike to the Past

Detailed information on Education Programs at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

Historic Dunvegan Historic Dunvegan

Topics: Trappers and Trade, Missionaries and the Dunne-za, Voyageur Challenge

Curriculum outcomes: Moving Forward with the Past, My History and My Community, Toward Confederation

Detailed information on Education Programs at Historic Dunvegan

Lougheed House Lougheed House

Topics: Life in the New House, Art and Architecture, Sketch It: Home and Garden, The Great Alberta

Curriculum links: Social Studies, English Language Arts, Arts Education, Science, Drama

Detailed information on Education Programs at Lougheed House

Oil Sands Discovery Centre Oil Sands Discovery Centre
Fort McMurray

Topics: Bug World, Science 101, Junior Geologists, Mighty Machines, Kid Chemistry, Planet Earth

Curriculum links: Environment and community awareness, creative expression, sensess and creating colour after senses, rocks and minerals, evidence and investigation

Detailed information on School Programs at the Oil Sands Discovery Centre

Remington Carriage Museum Remington Carriage Museum

Topics: Pioneer life, carriage model assembly, history of horses, horse-drawn vehicles, nature walks

Curriculum links: Economics and resources, global connections, creative thinking, historical thinking, The Land: Places and People

Detailed information on Education Programs at Remington Carriage Museum

Reynolds-Alberta Museum Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Topics: Funlights of Technology, Pioneer Skills, Widget Works, Electric Cars, Harvest Education, Simple Machines

Curriculum links: Social studies (Moving Forward with the Past, A Community in the Past), Science (Testing Materials and Designs, Aerodynamics)

Detailed information on School Programs at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum

Royal Alberta Museum Royal Alberta Museum

With the upcoming closure of the Royal Albert Museum Glenora location, availability of education programs has changed.

Detailed information on Education Programs at the Royal Alberta Museum.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology offers curriculum-based programming in science, social studies, mathematics, and art for students in kindergarten through grade twelve. Programs include self-guided, Science Educator-led, overnight and distance learning.

Detailed information on School Programs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

Rutherford House Rutherford House

Topics: Life in 1916 Alberta, reporters' issues of the time, Edmonton through the last century, Rutherford and his family

Curriculum links: Social studies, language arts, health and life skills; Citizenship, Communities in Canada, The Land, Histories and Stories, Respect others and strengthen communities

Detailed information on School Programs at Rutherford House

Stephansson House Stephansson House

Topics: Icelandic immigrants, prairie life, settlement era of 1880s, rural life

Curriculum links/outcomes: Social studies, oral traditions, diversity, cooperation, family, agriculture, multiculturalism, immigration

Special note: Programs are offered at Stephansson House Provincial Historic Site, Markerville Creamery Museum, and Hola School. You may choose to visit one, two, or all three of these sites with you class. Located just 30 minutes south-west of Red Deer, these three sites are within a five minute drive of each other.

Detailed information on Education Programs at Stephansson House

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
East of Edmonton

The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village offers curriculum-based programming for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Our authentic setting and costumed 'historical characters' bring Alberta's history to life and provide a unique opportunity for active and experiential learning.

A range of year-round programs and hands-on historic activities will complement the curriculum and make a lasting impression on students of all ages.

Detailed information on Education Programs at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Victoria Settlement Victoria Settlement
Smoky Lake

Topics: History and geography of Canada, fur trade, lives of missionaries, Métis peoples and eastern European settlers, life in 1880s

Curriculum links/outcomes: respect cultural diversity, Canada's political, social and economic systems, active lifestly, understand and appreciate the arts

Detailed information on School Programs at Victoria Settlement

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