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Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston, Alberta

Education Programs

The Remington Carriage Museum houses the largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles in North America with over 290 carriages, wagons, and sleighs. The collection is recognized as one of the finest in the world.

All Education programs include a private screening of our 15 minute presentation “Wheels of Change.” Set in the year 1899, the film describes the rise and fall of the North American carriage industry.

Education Programs

Our education programs are designed to assist teachers in presenting their study objectives in each grade. They are designed to be fun, interactive, and informative. To assist in making the visit as beneficial as possible, please feel free to use our pre and post event study guide.

Program Fees

  • $3 per student, per program
  • $3 Carriage ride per student. (If booked in conjunction with one or more programs.)

Program Duration

  • 1 hour unless otherwise specified
  • All education programs are designed to complement the latest revisions to the Alberta Education Social Studies Curriculum, K-12
  • Chaperone ratio is 1:8


Carriage Capers - All Grades
Download the Carriage Capers Program Information (PDF)
Our most popular program! Working in our “Laboratory,” student groups must analyze and assemble four different carriage models. The groups then proceed into the galleries to match their model carriages with the real thing.

Hat’s Off – Pre K – Grade 3
Download the Hats Off Program Information (PDF)
Children are introduced to the roles and occupations of people in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as they discover period costumes and hats that have been hidden around the museum.

Shake it Up! – Pre K – Grade 3 New for 2012!
Download the Shake it Up Program Information (PDF)
Children are introduced to the life of the pioneers by exploring the stories of horse-drawn vehicles. When a story is told and the students answer questions they have a chance to “Shake it Up!” by shaking cream until it becomes butter. At the end of the program students have the opportunity to try their homemade butter.

Horses 101 – All Grades New for 2012!
Download the Horses 101 Program Information (PDF)
Students visit the Remington Carriage Museum stable where they learn about the history of horses, feeding, cleaning and harnessing. After the stable tour students go on a carriage ride and tour the museum to see how horses help mankind.

The Amazing Race – Grades 4-6
Download the Amazing Race Program Information (PDF)
This interactive question and answer game has students sleuthing through the museum to discover more about exploration, settlement and development.

Carriage Conundrum – Grades 4-12
Download the Carriage Conundrum Program Information (PDF)
Students race against time and one another in this fast and furious question-and –answer game. Spin the Whammy Wheel and try your luck.

C.C.S.I. (Carriage Crime Scene Investigation) – Grades 6-12
Download the C.C.S.I. Program Information (PDF)
Our most popular program for Middle and High School students, C.C.S.I uses 21st century science to solve a 19th century crime. Crime scene teams must perform a wide array of forensic lab tests to solve the murder.

Special Programs

Cultural ConnectionsESL and Foreign Students
Learn the story of Canada through the stories of our pioneer past. The carriages tell the stories of what makes Canada unique. This program is designed to help new Canadians learn about Canada.

Nature Walk – All Grades
Download the Nature Walk Program Information (PDF)
Take a tour around the Carriage Museum on its beautiful 16 acres of land. Hear the story of the land, and how it is connected to local history. Students will learn about rocks, plants, animals and history in a fun, hands-on way.

If you have special curriculum needs, we can help. Contact us and we can build a special program for your class!

Video Conference Programs – Grades 1-12
Video conference with a guide in our media room, using images from the museum and those that are related to the program, the guide will take you on a journey that is both fascinating and fun. We use Tandberg Edge 95 HD.

Program Fees

  • $100 Flat fee is charged- Available October through April


Horses, From Fast Food to Fast Friends! – All Grades
Download the Horses, From Fast Food to Fast Friends Program Information (PDF)
Learn how horses changed the world and how our relationship with them has evolved over the centuries. Students will see how ancient man used horses, and how they have been used throughout history. A unique local connection to the ancient horse will be explored as well.

Poop & Progress (A Stinky story, but someone has to tell it!) – All Grades
Download the Poop and Progress Program Information (PDF)
"Poop & Progress" is a program designed to look at energy in a new and revealing way. It will show how all energy consumption has consequences, sometimes unintentional! This program is designed to help students understand the importance of energy and the complexity of the problems it can create. It does this in a humorous and memorable way.

Last reviewed/revised: April 1, 2016