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Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston, Alberta

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Statue of George Woolf and Seabiscuit

George Woolf/Seabiscuit memorial statue unveiling - July 17, 2010

A life-sized bronze statue entitled "So Long, Charley" was unveiled at the Remington Carriage Museum on July 17, 2010.

The event was reported across North America and around the world, with the most distant notice being in The Times of India. The statue depicts Cardston-born jockey George Woolf riding America's most famous racehorse, Seabiscuit, to victory in the 1938 "Race of the Century" against War Admiral, ridden by jockey Charley Kurtsinger. As Seabiscuit pulled away from War Admiral at the beginning of the homestretch, Woolf called out to Kurtsinger "So long, Charley!" Since that day in 1938, "So long, Charley" has become a common expression, but few know that it originated from an Alberta jockey. And still they ride on through history, George Woolf and Seabiscuit, on a run to immortality.

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Remington Carriage Museum adds a new feature for children

Horse University Children's Area at the Remington Carriage MuseumAn exciting new Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Race video interactive is currently under construction within the Horse University children's exhibit area at the Remington Carriage Museum. The exhibit puts kids in the driver's seat of two authentic miniature horse chuckwagons and is an opportunity to experience the bump and rattle of racing on a dirt track. The horses are miniature, but the thrills are full-sized because these little horses perform and run like they are champion stallions!

This interactive feature was designed and installed under the direction of the Creative Services section of the Alberta Historic Sites and Museums Branch, Culture and Community Services. The wagons were built in the Remington Restoration Shop, while the motion devices were fabricated in Edmonton by Kehoe Marine. The video presentation was created by Fission Media of Edmonton, utilizing footage shot at the annual Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Racing Championships held in Cardston last August.

The Remington Friends Society is a non-profit cooperating society working to enhance visitor experiences at the Museum. Funding for the project came from the Remington Friends Society along with a matching grant of $21,528 from the Community Initiative Program of the Alberta Lottery Fund. The Program's mandate is to support community-based non-profit projects that benefit Albertans.

The Miniature Horse Chuckwagon Race video interactive will be up and running for public use this spring. Come in and take it for an exciting spin around the race track!

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